Benefits of Treating Crop Seed On-Site at Farms

There is nothing more frustrating for farmers than having to entrust important aspects of their operations to outside companies, and Seed Treatment is certainly no exception. In addition to being forced to estimate how much treated seed they will require many months in advance, farmers also suffer due to the lack of transparency exercised by most treatment facilities, leaving them wondering if the treatments they receive are really those best suited to their crops’ unique needs. Thankfully, there is a solution.

Take Control

Purchasing a box to box treater allows farmers to choose their own chemical blends in order to ensure that their seeds are receiving the right treatments at the right time. These revolutionary new Seed Treaters were designed by farmers with the explicit goal of helping agricultural operations of all shapes and sizes take back more control over the treatment process. The advantages of using a box seed treater don’t stop there, though.

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Lower Cost

Many farmers report saving enough money in just one season to pay their new treatment systems off entirely. That means all the money saved in the future is pure profit and can be used to make further improvements as needed around the farm. Given this cost benefit, there is little reason for farmers to continue entrusting off-site, third-party companies with providing treatment for their crop seeds.

Eliminate Risk

Predicting how much seed will be required and what kind of treatments will be most appropriate months in advance places farmers at risk. If they buy too much treated seed, some of it will go to waste, while if they purchase too little they will damage their crop yields. By treating seed on-site, all that risk can be eliminated, since the treatment process can be performed as needed.

Custom Chemical Blends

On-site treatment allows farmers to select custom chemical blends that are tailored to meet their crops unique needs. That means they can use the same equipment to treat a wide variety of crops, and can make adjustments season by season and field by field as needed.

Correct Application

The best way for farmers to ensure that their treatments are being applied correctly is, simply put, to do it themselves. While some third-party treatment facilities are quite diligent in ensuring that all of their seeds are correctly treated, others are less reputable, and no one will be as devoted to ensuring correct application as farmers themselves.

Less Waste

Since seed can be treated as it is needed, there’s no chance of being stuck with excess seed. Plus, there’s no need to worry about whether or not the crop will be planted on time if farmers don’t have to wait for the treated seed to be delivered.

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